The Current And Futuristic Outlook Of Canada’s Real Estate Market


Canada’s real estate market has been experiencing positive slow turn for the past few months especially since the winter weather extension early this year enveloped the need to the public to live in a warm home after a long days’ work. This new turn around is positively affecting every area including which includes the  real estate agents and the cities they represent e.g the Kitchener / Waterloo Real Estate Market.

The Canadian real estate market in 2014 has enveloped a slow growth that is predicted to occur also because of the slow economic changes occurring in the nation. As the economy slowly grows the same result is reflected on the employment growth which is occurring and merging at a slow pace. With this mind the economists have realized the futuristic potential growth of the Canadian real estate market in 2014 and in the future years.

Reasons for the Canadian real estate market to experience growth in 2014 and future years include:

Canada-Maple-Leaf1. Economic growth

As the nation waves off the effects of the economic recession wave that rendered majority to become economically paralyzed, Canada has slowly merged a recovery report that is first reflected on the Canadian real estate industry. Currently in this year alone there have been more purchases and sales in the past six months than there have been in the past few years. This is s clear indication of the recovery.

2. Public’s affordability

The Canadian public is currently rising out of the ashes on unemployment and minimized expenditure. It is now merging to a more secure lifestyle that is acquired with the privilege of cheaper pricing on goods and commodities and high demand in employment.

3. Low inflation rates

The Canadian real estate market in 2014 has maintained a very low inflation rate that has also gradually influenced the confidence of the public towards purchasing and selling their housing properties at affordable rates.

4. Circulation of the public

It has also been predicted that some places may experience a much higher growth in the Canadian real estate market in 2014 while others may not report the very same growth in this industry. This is mainly because majority of the society is moving to places best suited to their current lifestyles. For example, majority of the population employed in the city will prefer to live in the city and not have to waste any time and hassle getting to and from work on a daily basis. There are others who prefer to live outside the city mainly because of the change in environment in the environment they spend majority time at which is at the work place.

5. International investments

The international investments have greatly provided a strong front on the acquisition of the capital funds needed to enhance the development and growth of the real estate market. Thus enhancing the competition between real estate companies in the industry. The international investment is also bound to enhance the development of real estate housing projects in different towns and cities thus expanding the variety of residential locations for the population both locally and internationally.

Due to the slow growth in the current real estate market in Canada it has been assured that the future upholds a much higher stake of growth due to the economic stability evolved around its development and the development of the public.


Real Estate: Benefits of Owning a Garage


We think about a garage typically as a place to park our cars or where we can fix them but more and more people are taking a unique twist on it and making it a new area in their homes.  Commercial or residential, it doesn’t matter as owning a garage can be a great addition to pretty much any property and if you don’t have one, you should definitely consider the investment as it can provide a big return.  But what sorts of things are people looking for and what do you need to know when you’re ready to pull the trigger and buy one?  Here are a few things you can take into account when you go to find a perfect garage.


It doesn’t matter where you live or do business, a garage will be a money making addition.  If you live in the city and are fortunate enough to own a garage you may find yourself with even bigger profits.  It’s not too hard to figure out really.  If you’ve lived in the city you know full well what I’m talking about.  Parking is at a premium as well as storage.  Owning a garage in the city can provide some big demand for these two factors alone, even if you don’t own a vehicle you shouldn’t get rid of it.  With garage real estate at a premium, inside the city chances are you could find a willing customer to rent the space.

Return on Investment:

It’s amazing how something so simple could provide a big return.  Having recently worked with a few couples looking to sell their homes we noticed a trend, a lot of potential buyers aren’t interested in owning a home without garage access.  One of our homes that was showed had a cement pad for a parking space and after suggesting to the client that building a garage on top of that would help the sale our client went to work. Costing just $12,000 dollars to complete once he was finished he noticed his house for sale in Grande Prairie go up $30,000 dollars in profit.  A pretty significant return on investment!

The Cost:

The cost of it is fairly straight forward.  A lot of owners have simple but effective garages paying an average price of $10,000 dollars.  Of course if you want to spend more money you can.  Living in Canada providing heat and insulation inside of it will go a long way to making those winter months a little more endurable.

Of course you can opt to use your garage for something else entirely.  Over the past few years I’ve seen home owners use it for personal gyms, man caves, and bars.  If you choose that route over using it for storage or to park your car then chances are you’ll be spending more money to keep it heated and on all the equipment you plan to install.

As a garage owner I would say go for it.  Don’t hold back and mull over whether it’s a good idea or not.  For the cost of how much it is to construct a garage you’re almost guaranteed a for sure return on investment once it’s complete.  Living in Canada you understand the benefits to not having to go outside in the middle of winter to start your vehicle.  Not only will a nice garage keep you and your vehicle warm in the winter but it will make a you, the home owner, a substantial amount of money when and if you decide to sell.  Of course if you don’t you can always make it into your dream man cave!


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